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Sexual and Reproductive Health

The project, which was carried out with the support of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Turkey Representative Office, aims to create a practical source of information and provide missing information in order to raise awareness of sexual health, reproductive health, and reproductive health rights.

The project was designed as part of the sustainability goal of our previous Reproductive Health Project for Young Women. The handbook, which took into account the beneficial and expert feedback of the previous project, included titles such as women's health counseling centres, organisations providing reproductive health support, and organisations which can be consulted in cases of violence. English and Persian translations were added and made suitable for distribution in Istanbul.

During the project between November and December 2021, updated handbooks were printed and distributed.

As part of the project, the handbook was published in Turkish, Arabic, Persian and English.1250 handbooks were distributed to more than 100 organisations located in Istanbul, for the benefit of users. These organisations consist of centres that provide free reproductive health services, non-governmental organisations working in the field of health, work with refugees, and public institutions that provide services to women and refugees. The process of digital dissemination of materials is ongoing.

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Sexual and Reproductive Health Handbook

Click here to access our handbook on sexual health and reproductive health, which consists of practical information in Turkish, English, Arabic, and Persian.

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