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Health Right Association

Health Right Association, established as a civil initiative on 1st December, 2020, continues its work as an association as of 28th September, 2021.

Health Right Association aims to influence the public and decision-makers, support institutions and individuals, contribute to the national literature, and minimize health right violations through advocacy, awareness, and capacity building on health rights and health literacy.

Health Right Association is a Member of the Executive Board of CİSU (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights) Platform.



Health Right Association is an Açık Açık NGO.

pandemide sağlık çalışanı hareketli görseli


Localizing the materials published by national and international authorities.


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Rights awareness activities

Education on basic concepts

Creating digital content 

Simplified information sharing 




To eliminate the violations of the right to health by maximizing the health rights awareness and level of health literacy within society, and to ensure that the health rights policies and the health system comply with international standards.

To create an impact on the public and decision-makers, to support institutions and individuals, and to contribute to national literature, through advocacy, awareness and capacity building on health rights and health literacy.

Advocacy, Sustainability, Transparency, Collaboration, Participation, Inclusivity

Board of Directors

General Assembly Date: 25.10.2021

Chairman: Eşref Bilge Uğurlu 

Vice President: Kevser Özcan 

Secretary: Cihan Alp

Treasurer: Ceylan Gürcan

Member: Sinem Koca

Institutional Documents: Bylaws, Corporate Identity, Logo, Declaration of the Year 2021,

Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers

Executive Board

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Kevser Ozcan
Esref Bilge Ugurlu
Ad. Cansin Turbay
Betul Biyikoglu
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Sadiye Arsoy
Sinem Koca
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