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Reproduction Health for Young Women

The project, which was carried out within the Supporting Young Refugees Program, aims to ensure that young refugee women in particular have the necessary information to maintain their own health, by addressing lack of knowledge on pregnancy and birth complications, violence and abuse, sexually transmitted infections, psychological problems and lack of access to reproductive health services, and reproductive health problems among young women from Turkey and refugee women.

The project was carried out between June and July 2021, and the materials were prepared by simplifying current scientific information and relaying it in a practical way.

As part of the project, two handbooks were published in Turkish and Arabic, and eighteen meetings were held. Five blog posts and 46 social media images were prepared. While the published handbooks were distributed to 200 young Turkish and refugee women in Hatay province, it was also sent digitally to 1,000 young women.

As a continuation of the project, the handbooks were translated into English and Persian, and shared with the public.

Handbook on Reproduction Health

Click here to access our handbook of practical information on the reproductive health of young women and refugees, in Turkish and Arabic.

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Click here to access the articles prepared by our volunteers on the reproductive health of young women and refugees.

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Social Media Posts

Click here to see the posts on our Instagram page to raise awareness about the reproductive health of young women and refugees.

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