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Right to Health Report

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It is a report that contains the views of the Health Right Association from the perspective of Turkey in relation to the base resource named “Fact Sheet No. 31: The Right to Health”.

While translating this publication titled “Fact Sheet No. 31: The Right to Health”, we learned many new information and methods that would contribute to our understanding and to explain the right to health. This was a very valuable work for us. We set ourselves some goals in order to take this work to the next level..

While the translated book deals with the right to health subjects and concepts; it basically containes a general point of view. We wanted to create a content about our country with the comments of the volunteers of our association for this translated book, which we made with the contributions of the volunteers of the Health Right Association.

Therefore, by examining the two publications together; we aimed to allow you to make comparison and to evaluate.

In this sense, under the titles of:

• Access to the right to health in Turkey and
• The right to health in terms of the Turkish legal system,

we prepared our interpretation from the perspective of the Health Right Association in accordance with the current literature in our country.

Sağlık Hakkı Derneği
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